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How long has Applegate been established?

Applegate is the UK’s oldest Business to Business Marketplace established in 2000.

What is Applegate? 

Applegate is the UK’s largest business to business Marketplace allowing users to find the products and services they require. We also feature an entirely free to use ‘Request for Quotation’ or ‘RFQ’ tool that allows users to ask us to gather multiple quotations on their behalf. 

Does Applegate charge Suppliers? 

Yes. Applegate charges a membership fee for Suppliers to join Applegate. Find our more about our pricing structure here.

Why does Applegate charge Suppliers? 

As with all businesses there is a cost associated to generating new customers and sales opportunities. Applegate invests heavily in several marketing activities to generate new users and members can take advantage of that at a very low cost. 

What do suppliers receive as part of their membership?

As a member, suppliers receive a Company microsite accessed via a login area on Within this is a Company Profile to give an overview of their products and services. In addition to this an unlimited allowance is given for members to upload all of the products, services or “keywords” they would want to be found for in user searches. Of course, members are also able to quote on relevant Requests for Quotation (RFQs) as users place them. 

How do prospective buyers find suppliers on 

99% of traffic through the Applegate website is via the search function. Users simply search for the product or service they require and are returned with a list of relevant results. The products and services or ‘keywords’ you add to your account as a member, will allow you to be shown within the search results area when a relevant search query is made.  

The other 1% of traffic comes via the Request for Quotation tool – we’ll provide you with notifications of these leads as soon as they become available, you may then liaise with the buyer directly.  

 What type of buyers use Applegate?

A vast range of buyers from a number of industry sectors, including machining, car leasing, freight, printing and promotion to name just a few. Applegate advertise across a range of channels, prompting buyers to use our free service to gather multiple quotations, meaning the buyers that we put you in touch with have a real intent to purchase. The vast majority of requests from buyers using Applegate are business related, however – we do also receive some personal quotation requests.  

How many enquiries are we likely to receive as a member? 

This varies and is dependant on a number of factors, including industry. Applegate receives upwards of 6,000 visits a day. 

It’s most important that once you become a member with us, you populate your profile with as much information as you can about your business, and set up your products and services or ‘keywords’. This will ensure you’re maximising your chances to be found via the Applegate search. We’ll help you through the process of adding your products and services during an Onboarding call after initial signup – and we’ll be in touch on a regular basis to review performance. 

We cannot guarantee how many leads you will receive via the Request for Quotation service, however, we can provide you with a monthly category average for the number of RFQs as well as the average quote value – just ask your Account Executive for this information.  

How much does Applegate charge Suppliers to be a Member? 

Membership prices are determined based on the category, or multiple categories you wish your business to be registered with us under. These categories allow us to send you the relevant “Requests for Quotation” as they come in. Our Customer Service team will be happy to assist with a quote, please do call us on 01271 852000 or ‘request a call back. Please note the categories you select do NOT restrict the content you upload to your profile for search only the Request for Quotation you receive. 

 How many other businesses will I be quoting against on an RFQ? 

You will only be directly quoting against others when you are responding to Request for Quotation you are added to. On average across all industries you would be quoting against 3-5 other parties (if you would like a figure specific to your industry please contact us). Note however that most users use our search to self-source and in those visits, it’s entirely down to the user which search result they choose to select. The more content you add to your Company Profile the more searches you will appear in and the more direct enquires you are likely to receive over and above the Requests for Quotation. 

Is it the cheapest price that wins the business? 

Put simply no, not always. We monitor results and find that, speed of response, quality of communication, location, experience etc, all play a part. Of course, in a multiple quotation situation price will play a large part but is not always the decider by any means. 

 Do we get to speak to the buyers directly? 

Yes. When added to Request for Quotation, members are sent an email alert to login and review the enquiry. Most requests will include both company and contact name along with other contact information such as telephone number and email address. You can choose to take this information offline to follow your standard quotation processes or respond directly through the platform. We also offer a messaging service that allows you to directly communicate with buyers within your logged in area. 

What support do you provide to Members? 

We are proud to say we offer extensive support for all our members. All members are allocated an Account Executive and when you join they will arrange an “Onboarding Call” with our dedicated Onboarding Coordinator to guide you through how to login, edit your company profile, upload your product and services and access and respond to Requests for Quotation.

Your Account Executive is there to support you throughout your membership and can assist liaising with our Buyer Management team to gather any additional information you may require when responding to quotation requests.

How do I join? 

You can join us today by calling 01271 852000. Alternatively, you can request a call back by clicking here and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.  

Are there any hidden costs? 

No. You will only pay your category fee. That is an all-inclusive charge, there are NO other commissions, fees etc. Simply that one monthly fee per category taken.

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