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Applegate pricing

We have plans from free to unlimited, with benefits to match.


When you move beyond our free alerts system and start to engage with buyers, we charge a single monthly subscription.


There is no cap on contacts and no commission on deals you win. Applegate has absolutely no hidden charges.

"We have been using Applegate for a while now, and the ROI has been fantastic, we have secured a lot of new long term customers...100% worth the investment."

Micky Pain - Director
LPS Medical Supplies

Pricing Considerations

Fair pricing for everyone

Our pricing is designed to be easy to understand and reflect the savings in time and money that you’ll make on sales and marketing.


Like most subscription businesses, what is important to us is a long relationship rather than a quick sale. Our pricing is designed to always be great value from your point of view.


To ensure this, we need to know your business in some detail before we can give you a quote. As a guide, our median price point for suppliers is £130pcm but with a lot of variability.


Our aim is to capture a small percentage of the profit (not revenue) that we deliver to our suppliers and we know that this varies by sector. 

What do we consider in our pricing?

  • How many buyer requests we usually get in your sectors
  • How much the buyer requests are worth
  • Your industry's cost per sale
  • How many suppliers you're competing against
  • How profitable your sector is

Get started with free quote alerts

If you’re interested in knowing more about a subscription with Applegate, book a time to speak with us. We can also get you added to our system so that we can send you examples of the kinds of requests we see in your sector. 

Kat New