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A selection of the latest enquiries from Applegate buyers - a new source of opportunities for your business

Applegate's supplier membership provides you with opportunities to quote on relevant Requests for Quotation (RFQs) from genuine buyers checked and accepted by Applegate.

Below are a small selection of the latest enquiries that have been sent out to suppliers on our database to quote.

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*Please note, all images are for illustration purposes only. 

Freight and logistics

Air Freight - China-Surrey

The buyer is looking to get solar packaged fridges transported from China to Surrey. They need to be in two cardboard boxes. Each box measures 106cm x 63cm x 58cm and weighs 30kg.

Sea Freight - Wales-Canada

The buyer is looking for transportation of a Euro pallet to Canada. This pallet contains ironmongery products such as cabinet knobs , door handles. This pallet weighs 85kg and the height is 32 inches.

Road Freight - Rochester-York

The buyer is looking to transport 5 pallets of chocolate to York. The package weighs approximately 1000kg in total. The chocolate must be kept between 10 and 18 degrees Celsius.


brass peice 2
Brass Milling

The buyer requires brass buttons to be milled and delivered to London. They are looking for 60 in total  and 20 of each with three similar designs for each.  


brass bar 2
Brass Bar

The buyer is looking for a quote for 100 brass bars. Where the top and bottom are to polished and gold plated.



screw 2
Knurled Thumb Screws

The buyer is looking for knurled high thumb screws made from 316 stainless steel. The measurements are M6 X 20mm, M6 X 16mm, M6 X 20mm knurled thumb screws.

Promotional Printing

menu 2

The buyer is looking for 10,000 A3 menus to be printed on full colour and double sided on 130gsm art paper menus.

post it note 2
Post It Note

The buyer is looking for 100-250 post it notes. The individual size of the post it note is 100mm X 100mm. The block of post it notes is 50mm deep and is printed on all four sides with two colours blue and red.

top 2
Branded Tops

The buyer is looking for 20 black polo shirts and 100 T-shirts. These will all have a logo printed on the left hand side of the chest. They would like a mixture of different sizes ranging from M-XL.

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